Second-Ponce at Prayer

Prayer is a vital spiritual activity. It involves intimate communication with our Lord and Savior, and it is something that we do collectively and individually all the time at Second-Ponce de Leon. Second-Ponce at Prayer is the name we’ve given to a ministry opportunity in which anyone who has a heart for prayer and for the prayer needs of our church family can participate. It involves committing to one year of praying regularly for the concerns of our church and the requests that are given to us. What makes this an exciting opportunity is that our prayer requests are shared with you on a daily basis through this website.

What do participants in this ministry do?

Once you have signed up to participate, you will be provided with an introductory letter that will share the login password to the SPdL Prayer List. By password-protecting this list, we are upholding the confidentiality of the information shared, and ask that you do the same. The web page will be updated daily with the same information that is on our prayer sheets at Wednesday night Fellowship Suppers, including:

  • birth announcements
  • sympathy and death notices
  • hospitalizations
  • celebrations
  • concerns

We will give participants a set of prayer cards to mail out to those for whom they have prayed.

Do I have to sign up to participate in Second-Ponce at Prayer in order to know about our church family prayer requests?

Not necessarily. General information will still be shared on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings during Sunday School, and to a lesser extent in the “Among Our Members” section of the Church News. Second-Ponce at Prayer is intended for those who consider — or would like to develop — prayer as a central part of their spiritual practice.

Is there a quiet place at Second-Ponce where I can pray?

We are blessed to have a beautiful, dedicated place to call our Prayer Room. Located on the third floor of our Chapel Building just outside of the Swilley Chapel, the Prayer Room is open throughout the week. It is a sacred place of prayer for our members.