Check out Marriage Enrichment ‘Tune Ups’

Dr. Qualls is offering marriage enrichment sessions for couples. In just five brief sessions, Charles will guide couples through a private “Enrich” experience similar to his popular program he shares with a dozen pre-marital couple each year. With questions, or to sign up, contact Charles at (404) 591-4341 or


Marriage Enrichment

“We get so caught up in our busy lives, we look around sometimes and realize that we’ve forgotten to nurture ourselves. Help!”

A marriage needs a good support system.  Did you know:

  • There are at least 6 “intimacies” that a healthy marriage will enjoy in delicate balance. They include the one you think, and more!
  • There are at least 7 vital signs and 7 warning signs to heed in marriage. Do you know what they are?
  • You have power in determining the satisfaction level you and your spouse share. Come get reacquainted with it!

Is Marriage Enrichment for You?

  • You want to make a good marriage better. Most groups and studies won’t save the marriage already in crisis. But, you can gain perspective that will help you find greater health and balance before you get to crisis.
  • You’d like a tune-up to see if there are growth areas to work on. There’s always something to learn, and there is no perfect marriage. Risk the investment of time!
  • You’ve realized that married love is work. There is no short cut to a healthy home. Marriage enrichment will help you to discover skills that will serve you well.
  • You’re in a committed relationship and both of you are willing to venture together in a few weeks of discovery. It does take two to do good enrichment.

In just five brief sessions, SPdL Associate Pastor Charles Qualls will guide you through a private “Enrich” experience similar to his popular program he shares with a dozen pre-marital couples each year.

With questions, or to sign up, contact Dr. Charles Qualls.

Marriage Helps

What started as a gap-filling resource for my ministry has become a starting place for enrichment that I hope will be helpful.

I had books, articles and helpful websites galore! They are the real backbone of my information. But still, something was missing. I needed a piece to hand to people that would sketch out some basic thoughts in a quick, non-threatening fashion. For those of you who work with pre-marital, married or divorcing persons, you now have Marriage Helps and Divorce Helps. These quick, 2-page guides started as a way to overview some key life issues with my couples and divorcees. Because I work with a high volume of each, I had found a need for something that human beings will actually read!

Indeed, each of these topics could be an expansive book. Or a website unto itself. But I find that on introduction, folks just aren’t going to sit down and give that level of focus to a topic unless guided in. That’s what these pages do. They act almost like a relational “mirror” that my marriage and divorce participants can hold up in front of themselves. They are written conversationally in an attempt to connect and inspire. Often, these pages become dialogue-starters in the next session after they’ve been read. The participant comes back in and references a key thought from one of these topics and wants to talk more. Then we have something to work with!

I hope you’ll find them to be a bridge you can use to inspire further thought or conversation. Perhaps you’ll find something here that we need to sit down and talk about. Let me know!