You’ve been somewhere painful in your life if you’ve bothered to read this.  So have some other people you may know.  It’s not always easy to share our grief.  Maybe it’s time you did.

Friends mean well. They’ll tell you to get back into your routine, but you’ve found that you can’t “busy” your way through the pain of loss.

You’ve searched for answers, maybe even to questions about where God is in the trouble you’ve seen. You’ve heard that “everything happens for a reason,” but it doesn’t add up.

Don’t let ‘em see you sweat may be advice that you’ve heard. But you’ve sweated. And hurt, and cried. You’ve found that being tough isn’t the answer.

“Time heals all wounds.”  We hear this.  But you’ve learned differently.  Only time well spent heals.  Give God a chance through Grief Support.

About Grief Support

There is work to grief. We’ll do some work of our own. In this group, we will:

  • Develop understanding of some possible stages/steps in grief
  • Hear from some of the more (and less!) helpful voices to see what others tell people who are grieving
  • Share our stories, feelings, thoughts
  • Hear from scripture about God’s presence and promise, and more!

Our four-week support groups are a chance for you to process your experience with others who do not share your specific circumstances. But, they do share a need to do the constructive work of grief and to rediscover joy. Give to them, and receive!

Maybe You have Questions?

Q: I’m rather private. I might not be comfortable talking in a group. What do I do?
“Pass” will always be an acceptable response. There may be some moments where sharing is difficult. That’s okay. Come anyway.

Q: I’m mad at God right now. Are you sure a church group is where I need to be?
This may be exactly where you need to be. There is a lot of unfortunate theology out there. Let’s unpack it together.

Q: I’m supposed to be feeling better by now. What’s wrong with me?
There is no “normal” to grief, no preset calendar for you to be “done” with it. We’ll explore the experience, and you can check in on where you “should” be.

Q: Won’t it just be a lot of crying and emotion? That’s such a downer.
Sure, there’ll be some of that. But there will be so much more. You’ve found by now that simply pushing your feelings beneath the surface doesn’t help, either. Come and rediscover your hope!

Second-Ponce Wants to Help You

There are resources at the ready to help you.

  • Our own Pastoral staff, whom you know and trust. Or, maybe it’s time you got to know them. Call us at (404) 266-8111. We want to serve.
  • The Care and Counseling Center provides Christian counseling services to clients who have been referred to them from Second-Ponce de Leon. Contact us for a referral, or call the Center directly at (404) 636-1457 ext. 577, to speak with Kim Woodard, center director.

What Can Grief Support do for you?

  1. Support in community. This is a place where you will be reminded that you are not alone in your experience. Wounded healers, supporting each other, carry tremendous power.
  2. Power found in the simple act of sharing our stories. If you wish, you’ll get a chance to say aloud what you’ve felt and thought.
  3. Perspective in your experience through the materials that will be taught. We’ll help you to understand the experience in light of your broader life context, and learn helpful coping skills. Of course, we’ll hear from scripture, too.